Skydiving test Animatic

I’m working on a short based on a board I recently did. Its been a fun process that organically seems to have taken a life of its own and has swelled into a bigger short idea that I’ll be boarding, with this sequence, and using some of the animation techniques I’ve been playing around in. Follow me on Instagram @bill_drastal to see updates on it and to follow the creative journey on my twitch stream at

Storyboard Tests

The following are storyboards test I’ve done for various shows.

Storyboard test for Teen Titans

Bill Drastal Teen Titans Board Test from Bill Drastal on Vimeo.

Storyboard test for South Park


Breadwinners Storyboard Test

breadwinnersSB from Bill Drastal on Vimeo.

Pig Goat BananaCricket board test. (Click to view panels)

Space Chicks

in 2014 my wife and I created this animatic to pitch to Nickelodeon for their shorts program.

The animatic was written and edited by my wife and the storyboards were drawn by me

SpaceChicks Animatic from Bill Drastal on Vimeo.

Later that year at Comic Con we again pitched our short idea to Nickelodeon. Here is the rough storyboard we pitched. (Click to view)