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Bill Drastal

Burbank CA, 91502


Animation Professional



A proven artist and storyteller with extensive experience in the animation industry, both on staff and as a freelancer. Diversified background in animation production and game development. Known for delivering fun and entertaining work. Always professional with a positive and upbeat attitude regardless of deadline pressure. Always goal driven and looking to finalize projects on time without sacrificing quality. Able to learn new software and apply them to different production pipelines.


Drawing, Storyboarding, Character Design, Background Design, Flash Animation, Caricature, Gesture Drawing, 2D animation, Flash Character Rigging.

Software: Adobe Flash/Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Sketchbook Pro, Storyboard Pro, Spine, Harmony and Apple Motion.


Warner Bros Animation – Storyboard Artist

Oct 2017 – PRESENT

Created storyboard animatics for an unannounced animated cartoon.

Dan Clark Productions – Storyboard Artist

Jan 2017 – Oct 2017

Created storyboards for episodes of the animated show “Tasty Tales of The Food Truckers”

Bill Drastal Productions

Jan 2009 – PRESENT

Create art and animation solutions for clients in various industries and across multiple digital platforms..

Selected client list includes; USC, Renegade Studios, Smorgasbord Productions, Glasslab Games, Plug. Dj, Flaming Medusa Studios, Thermasol Steam Showers.

  • Produce short animated informative animations.
  • Create engaging character designs for short Educational films for children.
  • Create clear and dynamic storyboards and animatics for client projects.
  • Develop game art assets for mobile and social games, including characters, animations and UI elements

Playtika, Santa Monica – Artist and Animator

January 2016 – July 2016

Responsible for delivering character art, animations and art assets for Bingo Blitz. Coordinated with Art Director, Engineering Team, and Marketing team to make sure art files were properly setup to work online and with the game’s programming.

  • Created character art, background art and and animation for Minor Mole mini game. Coordinated with Game Producer, Art Director and engineers, to ensure the best experience for game players.
  • Created storyboard, character art, background and prop art for Bingo Blitz marketing Animation. Coordinated with Marketing Team and Art Director to produce fun and engaging online ad for Bingo Blitz

Plug Dj – Artist and Animator

October 2014 – August 2015

Animated dancing avatars for the website Working within the site’s creative team, was able to strengthen an artistic style that helped define the site’s experience.

  • Animated over 100 Avatars including front and back dance animation loops. Researched dance moves online and edited loops for animation reference, to ensure accuracy and variety in dance moves
  • Concepted and designed over 20 Avatars in a wide range of themes, including food characters, undersea creatures and Monster island.

Animator– Appy Entertainment Inc

January 2013- February 2014

Responsible for creating multiple character animations for the mobile game Where’s my Perry, Calling All Agents, done for Disney Interactive.

  • Defied character’s traits and humor with storyboards and worked on the nitty-gritty issues of getting a finished character animating correctly and to spec in-game
  • Proactive in getting things done and in routinely implementing new approaches to speeding up the workflow.
  • Worked with both Art Director and CTO teams in achieving quality goals

Animator– Loot Drop Inc

September 2011 – May 2012

Responsible for creating multiple character animations for the Facebook game “Ghost Recon Commander” for Ubi Soft. Coordinated with CTO, Art Director and game Designer to assure game animations and character rig files worked within the programming of the game.

  • Created idle, running, firing and dieing animations and for multiple characters using Adobe Flash. Worked heavily with CTO to resolve bugs and to set up game character rigs within game engine to have swapple items and art assets.

Artist and Animator– Google

August 2010 – July 2011

Responsible for creating art and animated virtual goods for the game “SuperPoke Pets”. Coordinated with a team of fellow artists, the Art Director, and Game Designers to make sure items maintained a certain quality and would make for a fun user experience.

  • Created art assets and animation for hundred of various virtual goods, based on the game’s art style and based on weekly themes. Made sure items were delivered in a timely manner to be uploaded on a strict release deadline.


Art Institute of California, San Diego – Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation


Won 3rd place on YouTube’s “Draw with Jazza, Animation Challenge of the Month” for September 2016

Won best short form Animation in 2004-2005 at the Art Institute of California “Bestival Awards’

Won best live action film in 2005 at Art Institute of California “Bestival Awards”

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